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News 2021

2nd November 2021

Anti-Money Laundering

Bookmakers are reminded that they must have a current policy on the prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, which must be reviewed at least every 12 months.

For further information, please click on the following link.


7th September 2021

Marketing fee for ARC Racecourses is now live

The marketing fee for ARC Racecourses is now live online and is effective from 1st September.

The marketing fee can be found in the same section for booking the DBB fee for each racecourse, example below;


The link in this section takes you to the Annual Members Page where the Annual Marketing Fee can be purchased.


20th August 2021

ARC Advance Purchase Update & Refunds Process Message

An update to the booking process following on from the introduction of the advance purchase of Daily Betting Badges across all our racecourses. We ask that bookmakers use their trading name on the booking form when purchasing their Daily Betting Badges online. This will ensure that the pitching up process is as efficient as possible and also assist with the refund process where applicable.

The refund process if you are not attending a meeting that you have already purchased a Daily Betting Badge for is to reply to the confirmation or ticket email that you have received requesting a refund at the earliest opportunity and no later than when gates open for that particular meeting, the same process applies if requesting a refund for an additional staff member ticket that is no longer required. The tickets will be cancelled and a refund will be processed back to the card on which the purchase was made.

If, due to unforeseen circumstances, a refund is required post gates opening then again reply to the confirmation email explaining the circumstances and the request will be confirmed via the Racing Office once cross referenced with the information supplied on the day by the Betting Ring Manager. Any refund queries should be made by replying to the confirmation email.

If you experience any issues with the booking process please contact the relevant number below in normal business hours, alternatively contact the racecourse directly;

Doncaster, Yarmouth, Newcastle, Sedgefield, Southwell, Uttoxeter, Wolverhampton – contact 01302 499 731.

Bath, Brighton, Chepstow, Ffos Las, Fontwell, Hereford, Lingfield, Royal Windsor, Worcester – contact 01342 831 791

19th July 2021

ARC Message

From the 19thJuly onwards Bookmakers must purchase their Daily Betting Badges online in advance for all ARC courses, there will be no facility to purchase at the site on the day. Online purchase can be made until 11am on the Race day with the e-ticket being delivered straight to a smartphone via e-mail. These can also be printed for presentation if preferred.

The online Daily Betting Badge fee will give admission for the bookmaker and one member of staff as well as including the AGT daily fee.

Bookmakers with multiple pitches must buy a ticket for each pitch.

For bookmakers who are annual members, there is the option to buy a badge with the payment reduced by 1x. These badges will not include an admission barcoded ticket and you will need to scan your annual member badge to gain entry to the site.

The Annual Marketing Fee will not be payable until 1stSeptember 2021.

Go to the racecourse website and purchase the bookmaker’s tickets using the promo code WBTRB(see example below).


use these links for quick access to the ticket section of each racecourse

1. Choose your course

2. Choose the date of the meeting you are attending

3. Enter the promotion code WBTRB and apply code


The special bookmakers tickets will then appear. 

Select the appropriate ticket and proceed to check out. You will receive an email confirmation confirming the reservation. E-tickets will be emailed in plenty of time, ready to be scanned at the entrance.

18th June 2021

ARC message for on course bookmakers;

Following the recent government announcement of a further delay to the full lifting of restrictions ARC are pleased to announce that we will continue with our current policy of not charging a Daily Betting Badge fee for on course bookmakers and their staff up to and including the 18thJuly (a maximum of 3 people including the bookmaker allowed).

From the 19th July ARC will reintroduce the Daily Betting Badge fee at a rate of 3 x public admission price across all our racecourses, this rate will remain in place until the end of August.

On the 1st September normal Daily Betting Badge fees will be reintroduced along with the Annual Marketing Fee across all ARC racecourses.

Please note that the Daily Betting Badge fees and the Annual Marketing Fee will no longer be payable by cash and the process for payment will be confirmed before fees are reintroduced on the 19th July.

To accommodate social distancing rules we will continue to operate a maximum capacity of 50% of bookmaker pitches until the 19th July.

17th May 2021

Important Message for All Bookmakers : Opting In and Out

As you are aware, all bookmakers are required to comply with an ‘Opt-In’ process to bet at racecourses during the period from 17th May to 20th June. Please note that all bookmakers who have opted in will be expected to attend, as a failure to attend will prevent the next bookmaker on the list from trading. Any bookmaker who fails to Opt-Out - having previously Opted In – risks sanctions under Special Conditions E if there is no reasonable excuse for non-attendance.

For Rule 4, we will go with the industry Rule 4 for at least the 5 weeks from 17th May to 20th June. As before, the BRM will confirm the details with the PA rep as quickly as possible and relay the R4 message to the Broadcast Office asap. Where practical/possible, the BRM will also let the on-course bookmakers know the Rule 4 deduction.

30th April 2021

ARC Announcement

ARC are pleased to announce that there will be no entry fees for on course bookmakers and their staff (up to a maximum of 3 people including the bookmaker) when the next stage of covid restrictions are lifted on the 17th May across all ARC racecourses.

This will be reviewed for fixtures from the 21st June onwards based on any restrictions that may still be in place from that date.

ARC will stagger the reintroduction of on course bookmaker entry fees on, or after the 21st June, so that they gradually increase to normal levels in stages rather than in one go.

In addition to this ARC will not be charging any marketing fees to on course bookmakers until the 1st September this year.

To accommodate social distancing rules we will operate a maximum capacity of 50% of bookmaker pitches until the 21st June at the earliest. Spectator numbers are restricted to a maximum of 4,000 between 17th May and 21st June and actual attendances will be determined by each individual racecourse in line with COVID restrictions.

Jim Proudfoot

14th April 2021

FRB Update

The FRB have made a number of submissions on behalf of its members over the last few weeks. We have finalised our submission on the Gambling Act 2005 review and included a number of recommendations.

The FRB has also made a submission on the proposal by the Gambling Commission to increase fees from 2021 and voiced our concerns and objections to this proposal.

Most bookmakers will have seen many news articles regarding a proposal to restrict losses by individuals when gambling and the FRB has made a submission to the DCMS with strong reservations and concerns that this would not be practical and would be damaging to our industry as a whole.

We continue to support our members' interests through these difficult times and look forward to us all returning to the racecourse soon.

Keep safe and well.

FRB Directors.

14th April 2021

Problem Gambling

The FRB thought it would be helpful to issue guidance in order to make you aware of the signs of problem gambling in order for you to respond accordingly - click here for details.

25th March 2021

Additional Restriction Grants

"The FRB has sought further clarification with regard to the Additional Restriction Grants available from local authorities. The latest advice from the DCMS is that these grants are available to bookmakers for each racecourse they hold a list position but have been unable to operate due to COVID-19 restrictions and that applications should be made to each individual local authority"

As always, we strongly recommend that you seek independent professional advice in order to assist your claims.

The FRB Directors.

12th January 2021

FRB raise questions in the House of Commons.

The Parliamentary Questions drafted by us for Mark Eastwood MP have been answered.

For FRB members, this provides further information on eligibility for the latest Government grants, which the Chancellor announced last week. This can be used when applying to your Local Authority for the second grant. It would appear from the Minister’s response that if you have been eligible for the first grant you will be automatically be eligible for the second.

Bookmakers: Additional Restrictions Grant

Mark Eastwood: To ask the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, whether on-course bookmakers are eligible for Additional Restrictions Grant funding; and whether guidance on eligibility requirements has been provided to local authorities.

Mark Eastwood: To ask the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, what financial support is available to (a) on-course bookmakers and (b) other businesses that are unable to work as a result of restrictions on sporting events but have not been ordered to close during the covid-19 outbreak.

Nigel Huddleston: The Chancellor announced on 5 January another £4.5 billion in new lockdown grants to support businesses and protect jobs. This includes one-off top up grants to be delivered by local authorities for retail, hospitality and leisure businesses, worth up to £9,000 per property, to help them through to the spring. A £594 million discretionary fund has also been made available to support other impacted businesses. Local authorities will receive the funding for these one-off grants next week, and we encourage them to make payments to businesses as soon as possible. All local authorities in England will receive a top-up worth a total of £500m to their allocation from the Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG), which has already provided local authorities with £1.1 billion. This funding will ensure that local authorities can make discretionary grants to businesses which are not eligible for the LRSG (Closed) but which are nonetheless experiencing a severe impact on their business due to the national lockdown. Eligibility for the one-off grants, as well as the existing LRSG (Closed) grants, is automatic. Businesses should contact their local authorities for more information on how to receive these grants, and in some cases they will need to provide additional information to their LAs. Local authorities will run application schemes for the ARG, including for the £500m top-up, and will have significant discretion when it comes to deciding which businesses receive payments. Businesses should contact their local authorities for more information. ARG guidance for LAs was first published on 3rd November 2019 and is updated regularly:


7th January 2021

The FRB have obtained further advice on bookmakers' behalves with regard to new proposed government financial assistance to businesses:

Information from The Treasury


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